Details of the advantages of GRS plastic

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With the improvement of people's living standards, many people attach great importance to environmental protection. So now a lot of plastic products are made with recycled plastic particles?

With the improvement of people's living standards, many people attach great importance to environmental protection. So now a lot of plastic products are made from recycled plastic pellets,GRS plasticWhat good is it?



More and more people are pursuing environmental protection. There are different types of recycled plastic particles, but they have the characteristics of light weight, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation, high specific strength, good wear resistance, good self-lubrication, convenient molding and processing, good adhesion and optical properties. Strong coloring performance, low thermal conductivity.

Plastic products made from plastic granules are used in many fields. Plastic materials commonly used in agriculture include film, pipe, sheet, rope and fabric pockets. Plastic greenhouses, crops, fertilizers, and pharmaceutical packaging are mainly used in farmland water conservancy projects, farmer construction, animal husbandry protection, agricultural machinery, fishing nets, and aquaculture buoys.

  GRS plasticAs a new material, it has been widely used in the field of packaging. For example, various hollow containers, injection containers (rotating boxes, containers, barrels, etc.). Packaging film, woven bag, foam, twine, packaging bag. In terms of transportation, GRS plastics used by vehicles, trains, ships and other vehicles and corresponding auxiliary equipment are increasing every year. Types include fuel tanks, bumpers, sun visor seats, door handles, steering wheels, dashboards, etc.

However, there are some defects in the plastic products formed by GRS plastic particles, which limit its application. Generally speaking, the mechanical strength is not as good as metal. Plastic has a high rate of shrinkage. GRS plastics are more sensitive to temperature than metals or other non-metallic materials, and the application temperature range is much narrower than other materials. After long-term loading, even if the temperature is not high, the shape will "worm".

GRS plastic has a good overall performance and formability, so it has a place in a wide range of applications. The brief contents are as follows:

1. Automotive industry

Many automotive parts in the industry are GRS or GRS alloys, ranking third in automotive plastics. In other vehicles, the use of GRS is also striking. In addition, it is also widely used in interior decoration.

2. Office machines

DueGRS plasticHigh gloss, easy to shape, office equipment and machines need to have a beautiful appearance and good feel. For example, manufactured parts are widely used in telephone housings, memory housings, computers, facsimile machines, and copiers.

This progressive plastic activity of the GRS plastic results in a loss of dimensional accuracy of the part, not the plastic. Therefore, when choosing, we should pay attention to learning from each other. Although the product has shortcomings, the application in our lives has brought us great convenience, and the influence has also increased, bringing a green home and life.

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