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Global Recycling Standard GRS Certified Manufacturer

Global Recycling Standard GRS Certified Manufacturer

Main products: PP recycled materials, PE recycled materials, HIPS recycled materials, ABS recycled materials, etc

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Global Recycling Standard GRS Certified Manufacturer

Dongguan Shengxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Huazuan Plastic Material Co., Ltd. are GRS certified manufacturers specializing in the production of PP polypropylene recycled particles. Our factory is located in changping town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a plastic base in southern China. Excellent location and more than 20 years of market competition. Our factory has accumulated rich production experience, with multiple production lines, with an annual output of 10,000 tons. Can produce a variety of specifications, a variety of quality of polypropylene particles. I plant will be "integrity is gold, quality win" as the enterprise development policy. With excellent quality, preferential prices, dedicated after-sales service to meet customer needs! The implementation of scientific management, if you have the needs of plastic particles products can visit our factory guidance, to discuss cooperation!

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2010 Year

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Factory area

10000 T

Annual output

35 +

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Why choose us

The company's products are professional, stable in quality, considerate in service, reasonable in price, and has a number of long-term and stable strategic partners.

Product diversity, complete variety

Global recycling standard GRS certified manufacturers, flame retardant PP, fiber-added PP, filled PP, high-gloss PP, anti-shrinkage PP, weather-resistant PP, etc. Modified PP can be customized for customers.

Focus on plastic modified dyeing

The company has a dedicated plastic color matching engineers and quality control personnel, using a professional computer color matching system. According to the customer sample configuration color, determine the standard. Color batch color difference is small. Choose good toner additives, strict process control product quality.

Full technical support

Once the customer confirms that the product can generate product control standards, the material performance is stable, the batch difference is small, and the supply is stable and timely. Professional, efficient and quality technical service team can provide professional technical support.

Personalized customization according to demand

Provide free samples to help customers choose the right products, reduce customer costs while ensuring the effect. Special person designated documentary. Old customers keep samples after purchasing to shorten the purchasing time of later selection! Customer service 24 hours online to answer your industry problems.


The company's products are of stable quality, high quality and low price, and have a high reputation in the hearts of consumers.

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