Introduction, characteristics and uses of ABS recycled materials

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ABS recycled material is a synthetic plastic of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, and a graft copolymerization product of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, which is named after the first letter of their English name. ABS recycled material is a kind of resin with high strength, good toughness and excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used and commonly used as engineering plastics.

ABS recycled materialYesC3H3NSynthetic plastics of butadiene, styrene,C3H3NThe graft copolymerization products of three monomers, butadiene and styrene, are named after the first letter of their English names.ABS recycled materialIs a high strength, good toughness, excellent comprehensive performance of the resin, a wide range of uses, commonly used as engineering plastics.

The industry is mostly polybutadiene latex or styrene-butadiene rubber with low styrene content as the main chain, andC3H3NThe ABS recycled material was prepared by graft copolymerization of a mixture of two monomers, styrene. actuallyABS recycled materialtend to be butadiene-containing graft polymersC3H3N-Mixtures of styrene copolymers SAN or. In recent years, styrene has also been used first,C3H3NThe two monomers are copolymerized and then mixed with the graft copolymerized ABS resin in different proportions to prepare various ABS resins suitable for different uses. In the mid-1950s, industrial production began in the United States.

Product Features

1,ABS recycled materialGood overall performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties.

2. It has good fusion with 372 organic glass, and is made into two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome-plated and painted on the surface.

3. High impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other levels.

4, the activity is a little worse than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC, etc., and the flexibility is good.

ABS recycled materialIn order to use materials sustainably, there has beenABS recycled materialThis also reduces waste and protects our environment. The level of recycled materials on the market is uneven, and suitable recycled materials can be found according to product requirements.

Product use

ABS recycled materialGenerally, it is produced by the recycling and reuse of chemical products. Through certain processing methods, various corresponding products are produced, and the product needs are different,ABS recycled materialThe properties are also different, so that you can use recycled materials to create different products, because of the world's resources. More and more users are using recycled materials, and plastic product manufacturers are becoming more and more popularABS recycled materialThe use.

Forming characteristics

1. Amorphous material, with medium activity and high moisture absorption, should be fully dried. Plastic parts with glossy surface should be preheated for a long time and dried at 80-90 degrees for 3 hours.

2. It is advisable to take high material temperature and high mold temperature, but it is easy to decompose if the material temperature is too high (the decomposition temperature is> 270 degrees). For high precision plastic parts, the mold temperature should be 50-60 degrees, for high gloss. For heat-resistant plastic parts, the mold temperature should be 60-80 degrees.

3. If it is necessary to solve the problem of water entrapment, it is necessary to improve the activity of materials and adopt methods such as high material temperature, high mold temperature, or changing the water level.

4, such as forming heat-resistant or flame-retardant grade materials, plastic decomposition will remain on the surface of the mold after 3-7 days of production, resulting in the surface of the mold shiny, the mold needs to be cleaned in time, and the surface of the mold needs to increase the exhaust position.

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