PP granule manufacturers: prevention and control of plastic particles

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PP granule manufacturers: prevention and control of plastic particles PP granule manufacturers: stop using disposable tableware and ultra-thin plastic bags

PP granule manufacturers: prevention and control of plastic particles

PP granule manufacturers: stop using disposable tableware and ultra-thin plastic bags

Because disposable plastic tableware is difficult to degrade, many cities have promoted the use of green tableware paper tableware, because cellulose can be degraded by microorganisms. However, many environmental experts believe that it is unwise to replace foam plastic tableware with paper tableware. First, paper tableware will also bring visual pollution, because their degradation rate is not fast, dozens of days or even months will not be completely degraded. Second, when making paper tableware, in addition to straw pulp and rice pulp, about 13% wood pulp should be added. If it is fully promoted, it will inevitably lead to a large amount of wood consumption and aggravate deforestation. Third, pulping has always been a big water consumer, a big energy consumer and a big polluter. The pulping process requires a large amount of water, and China's per capita water consumption ranks 88th in the world. Untreated sewage is discharged directly into the river, which will cause water pollution; paper tableware needs to be dried immediately after forming, which requires a lot of energy. However, China's energy structure is dominated by coal, which will increase the content of SO2 in the air and cause acid rain. Therefore, it is a good thing not to use disposable plastic tableware and paper tableware. Any disposable tableware is not only harmful to the environment, but also a great waste of resources. In daily life, we should refuse to use ultra-thin plastic bags to buy food or hold food.

PP granule manufacturers: recycling waste plastics and make them resourceful

Waste plastic recycling is the fundamental way to solve the white pollution. In fact, plastics have a significant advantage over other materials: they can be easily recycled and reused. After the plastic is recycled, it can be sorted and cleaned, heated and melted, and then become a product again. From the composition point of view, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene are composed of hydrocarbon elements, and gasoline, diesel and other fuels are also composed of hydrocarbon elements, but the molecular weight is small.

PP granule manufacturers: research and development of degradable plastics

Research and development of degradable plastics. Degradable plastics have the same use function as ordinary plastics, but after being discarded after completing the use function, its chemical structure will change under certain conditions, so that the polymer is decomposed into smaller molecular weight molecules, and eventually assimilated by the natural environment. There are three types of degradable plastics: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and double degradable plastics. However, many degradable plastics are not 100 percent degraded, but just pieces of plastic.

PP granule manufacturers: strengthen environmental protection publicity

Strengthening environmental protection publicity, improving people's environmental awareness, and forming a good environment in society are the prerequisites for solving white pollution and other forms of pollution. For example, to recycle waste plastics, it is necessary to implement the garbage recycling and packaging system and put different kinds of garbage in different dustbins, which requires us to have a high degree of environmental protection awareness.

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