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Recycled material GRS refers to all the raw materials that can be recycled in industry and reused through certain processing processes, which are called recycled materials. Recycled material GRS generally refers to recycled plastics. What are the advantages of recycled GRS? Let's take a brief look at it.

  Recycled material GRSRefers to all in the industry can be recycled, and through a certain process of reuse of raw materials, are called recycled materials, recycled materials GRS generally refers to recycled plastics. What are the advantages of recycled GRS? Let's take a brief look at it.



  Recycled material GRSBecause the world's resources are always a hot topic for human beings, and the slogan of saving resources is gradually gaining popularity, the awakening of recycled materials is inevitable, so that people can achieve environmental protection and energy saving through the recycling of resources. The greater advantage of recycled materials is that the price is cheaper than new materials, although its overall performance and attributes are not as strong as new materials, but in many products, we do not need to use materials with good properties and performance to make it, wasting a lot of unnecessary properties, and recycled materials are different. According to different needs, only need to process certain attributes can make the corresponding products, so that resources will not be lost.

Polycarbonate, amorphous plastics, engineering plastics, mostly from textile accessories, automotive headlights, taillights, turn signals, candy making molds, discs, telecommunications equipment, photographic equipment.

1. Choose the acquired PC first, transparent and opaque. Blue, red, green, and black need to be separated; there are also modifications, such as textile accessories are mostly modified; for example, discs and lamp holders are coated.

2. Cleaning various colors of PC, CD lamp holder and other deplating process is also operated according to the same principle as ABS. And then dried, classified, sent to the extruder production.

3. Some PC is yellow, transparent still produce transparent; other colors can add colorants and material additives.

4. Granulation is a special extruder, but PC itself is easy to aging, so it can not be returned many times. Granulation must be careful, to granulation packaging.

Recycled materials GRS: Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) What is the process? PET, scientific name polyethylene terephthalate, is a linear thermoplastic. PET is generally a crystalline plastic. Due to its light weight, fragility and low energy consumption, PET bottles have replaced some traditional packaging materials and are widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics and other fields. The recycling and reuse of PET is the process of PET recycling.

  Recycled material GRS: The recycling process of PET bottles is to separate PET bottles from caps, labels, etc. They are then crushed, washed and dried.

The specific process is as follows: First, the selection process: all kinds of PET bottles are selected and classified. Tear off the logo on the outside. Most of these trademarks are OPP, and some PVC shrink films need to be peeled off first. The second step is the crushing process, washing with water to remove the dirt from various PET bottles. In the third step, these fragments are put into a steam treatment device, and flaky alkali is added to remove greasy and other stubborn impurities. The fourth step, wash with water, throw away the remaining water, bagging. It was then dried in a vacuum oven. The fifth step, spinning, shaping, hot water steam stretching, shaping.

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