Discussion on the Development of HIPS Recycled Material

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Domestic HIPS recycled material production capacity is gradually increasing trend, as of 2020, China's annual output of HIPS recycled material has reached 100000 tons, is developing to a larger scale of production capacity, HIPS recycled material can be widely used in home appliances, auto parts, decorative materials and other fields.

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, recycled materials have gradually become one of the main development directions of the plastics industry.HIPS recycled materialAs a new type of environmentally friendly materials, it has gradually attracted people's attention in the market. So, how is the development of HIPS recycled materials?


At present, the domestic HIPS recycled material production capacity is gradually increasing. As of 2020, China's annual output of HIPS recycled materials has reached 100000 tons, and is developing to a larger scale of production capacity.

HIPS recycled materials can be widely used in home appliances, auto parts, decorative materials and other fields. It has many advantages such as high strength, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and is widely used in industrial and civil fields.

at present,HIPS recycled materialThere is still a certain gap between the market price and the new material, but with the increase of production capacity, the price is expected to gradually decline. Taking the application field of products as an example, HIPS recycled products can obtain a cost advantage of 10% to 30% compared with new products.

In the process of production and application of recycled materials, the improvement of technical level is the key. Domestic enterprises need to continue to innovate, improve the quality of recycled materials, reduce production costs, in order to better adapt to market demand.

With the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development gradually gaining popularity, the market prospect of HIPS recycled materials is very broad. In the future, the recycled material industry is expected to usher in rapid development and gradually replace the traditional new material market.

In short, the prospect of recycled materials in China's market is very optimistic. Although there are still deficiencies in scale, price, technology, etc., with the improvement of productivity and the improvement of technical level, it is believed that it will have a broader development space in the future.

In the plastic recycling market, HIPS recycled material is a more common one. HIPS refers to high-impact polystyrene, which is a high-performance material made of polystyrene resin as the main raw material and an appropriate amount of rubber reinforcing agent. The following are the characteristics of recycled materials:

Recycled materials have good strength and toughness, especially impact strength. Its strength and hardness are more than double that of ordinary polystyrene, so it has an advantage in engineering plastics.

Recycled materials not only have the above excellent mechanical properties, but also perform well in light, thermal stability and electrical properties. And its manufacturing process is simple, stable performance, wide range of applications. Therefore, HIPS recycled materials can be used in many products.

The processability of recycled materials is very good, and various molding processes such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc. can be used, and various additives can be added to obtain different properties and uses.

Recycled materials can contribute to environmental protection, it uses old plastic waste, in the production process to save raw materials, reduce pollution. Therefore, HIPS recycled material is a kind of material with good environmental protection effect.

Compared with new materials, the price of recycled materials is much cheaper, and in terms of performance is not inferior to new materials. Therefore, HIPS recycled material is a very cost-effective material, suitable for many areas sensitive to material prices.

To sum up,HIPS recycled materialIt has very good performance and characteristics, so it has a considerable application market in various fields. In the future era of environmental protection, I believe its use will be more extensive.

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