What are the advantages of GRS plastic

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. So far, many plastic products are made from recycled plastic pellets? So what are the benefits of GRS plastic?

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. So far, many plastic products are made from recycled plastic pellets?GRS plasticWhat good is it?



More and more people began to pursue environmental protection,GRS plasticIt has light weight, good chemical stability, electrical insulation, high specific strength, good wear resistance, good self-lubrication, easy forming, good adhesion, good optical properties, strong coloring power, and thermal conductivity. Plastic products are made of plastic particles and are used in many fields. Plastic materials for agricultural use include films, pipes, plates, ropes and woven bags. Plastic greenhouses, crops, fertilizers, and pharmaceutical packaging are mainly used in water conservancy engineering plastic pipes, housing construction, animal husbandry protection machinery, agricultural tools, fishing nets, breeding buoys, etc.

GRS plastic manufacturers: plastic as a new type of packaging materials, in the field of packaging has been widely used. For example, various hollow containers and injection containers (turnover boxes, containers, barrels, etc.) packaging film, woven foam plastic bags, connecting ropes, packaging belts are more and more used in the field of transportation, and plastics are used in automobiles, trains, ships, etc. The application of vehicles and related auxiliary equipment is more and more extensive. Every car or boat every year, including dashboard, steering wheel, door handle, fuel tank, bumper, sun visor seat, etc.

GRS Plastics Manufacturers: However, plastic pellets molded plastic products have some defects that limit their application. In general, the mechanical strength of plastics is lower than that of metals. Plastics have a high rate of shrinkage. Plastics are more sensitive to temperature than metals or other non-metallic materials. If the plastic is loaded for a long time, its shape will "creep" even if the temperature is not high ". This plastic motion is not stepwise plastic, resulting in a loss of dimensional accuracy of the plastic part. Therefore, we should learn from each other when choosing plastics. Although plastic products have shortcomings, their application has brought great convenience to our lives, and the influence of plastic products is also increasing, which has brought us a green home.

According to the use, GRS plastics can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Fiber grade GRS plastics: clothing, textiles, filling materials and skeleton materials, home textiles, interior decoration products.

2. Packaging levelGRS plastic: Packaging tapes, films, packaging boxes, packaging bottles, etc., among which the CRS recycled materials used to produce beverage bottles are called bottle-grade CRS recycled materials.

The main body of GRS plastic is a mixture or terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. It is a hard thermoplastic. Styrene makes GRS have good formability, gloss and rigidity; acrylonitrile makes GRS have good heat resistance, chemical resistance and surface hardness; butadiene makes GRS have good impact strength and low temperature toughness. The proportions of these three components are different, and their properties will also change.

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